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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Expert yard and lawn care tips

Green Lawn Care is committed to keeping lawns healthy for life. Along with our local lawn care and yard maintenance services, part of our commitment involves helping you care for your landscape and lawn every day. These lawn care tips might appear simple, but they could have a major impact on the condition of your […]

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Green Tips for your Lawn

Many of us who live in the City of Rochester, especially near Center City, are faced with the challenge of a tiny yard. For mowing purposes, this challenge is a blessing, but if you have the heart of a gardener, it can be hard to imagine what to do with your small space. It’s even […]

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How to Mow like a Professional

My Team and I have been working recently on our top tips for a professional mowing job. Here are our pearls of wisdom from what we have learnt over the years of mowing lawns week in week out: Start out with a decent mower and choose a mower that is appropriate for your lawn. We […]

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Best Practise Spring Lawn Care

After the wettest winter on record, at long last the sun is out, the temperature is on the rise and the lawns should be starting to dry out. Following a tricky couple of months weather wise for our lawns, the grass will now be starting to grow with a vengence. For london lawn care this is a very busy time of […]

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The Myth of the Last Cut

From September onwards our clients keep asking us when they should be doing their “last cut”. I think that in London there is really no such thing, that is unless we get a really cold winter like last year and everything just stops! Grass doesn’t stop growing until the soil temperature drops below 5 degrees […]

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Aerating Lawns Makes Sense.

We think that Aeration it is one of the very best things one can do for the lawn (apart from mowing properly of course!). Sometimes called spiking, or tining, aeration does not have an instant, visible impact on the lawn but it does have these other great benefits:

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