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Why It’s Important To Have Your Lawn Mowed Correctly And How To Do It Right

If you have a large backyard, it is important to mow it regularly. The same is true if you also have a small front yard area. Most people have standard mowers that are either self-propelled or the type that you push. You may also have an weedeater that can keep everything trimmed along the sides. It’s also important to fertilize your lawn properly. This can ensure that it will be lush and green, even when it is extremely hot outside or in a climate that can change from week to week like in St. Charles, Illinois. Regular watering is also recommended. However, it’s very important to learn how to mow your lawn properly. Here are some tips on how to do this and how this can improve its overall health.

Why Mowing Is So Important for St. Charles Homeowners

There are several benefits to mowing a lawn that most people are not aware of. First of all, when done regularly, you can increase the overall density of the grass. The longer that you let it grow, the thicker that the blades of grass will become, and this can cause them to disperse on the surface of the ground. It’s also a great way to deter weeds. Weeds can only grow if you are not managing them. Therefore, regular mowing can serve this purpose. You also have to understand how to set your lawnmower up properly. Doing so will actually improve how well it will grow.

Start With The Settings On High

An easy way that you can start the mowing season is to begin with the settings as high as possible. This will prevent unnecessary damage to your grass early in the season. If you set it high, it can acclimate to regular trimming. It’s also important to mow your lawn when it is relatively dry. This is for two separate reasons. First of all, if you mow wet grass, it can easily become clogged. Second, it will be difficult to push through if it is wet.

Change Up Your Mowing Pattern

You can change the mowing pattern every time that you mow. This is beneficial as it will prevent ruts from developing in the grass itself. The lawn will begin to acclimate to the direction that you are mowing and this can also cause unwanted patterns. Also, by mowing in different directions, you can change the way that it looks which will have a very nice appearance.

Understand What Type Of Grass That You Have

The type of grass that you have can also affect how high the blade should be, how often you should mow, and how soon you should start spreading grass seed. It is important to know what type of grass that you have prior to spreading any seed at all. Additionally, your grass should be at a particular height. Depending upon how fast it grows, you can often determine what type it is. There are many different types of long grass which include perennial ryegrass, bluegrass, and also Bermuda.

A Grass Catcher Or Not?

This is a question that many people have when they are trying to determine how to mow the lawn. In some cases, you may want to gather all of the clippings. This is true with the grass is extremely high. You do not want to much of this sitting on top. This could cause unnecessary burning of the grass beneath. On the other hand, if you are mowing regularly, it’s important to use grass clippings is a type of fertilizer. By doing this, you can improve the condition of your grass, regardless of what type you have, allowing you to make it look as good as possible.

Always Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp

Another thing that you need to focus upon is the sharpness of your blade. If you are using a dull blade, your grass can actually be adversely affected. It could become more susceptible to disease, and insect damage can be problematic, plus it is also bad when it is too hot. By sharpening your blade, you can ensure that it will be cut without damaging or stressing the grass. This will allow it to grow much stronger.

Cutting your grass may seem like a very simple process. If you have a brand-new mower, the blade will be sharp and it will be easy to adjust the height of the blades. If you do not have a new mower, make sure that the blade you are using is very sharp, and that you have adjusted it as high as possible for the first cutting. Be sure to mow your grass in different directions, at different times of the week, which can improve its overall condition. By watering and fertilizing regularly, you can look forward to a very healthy lawn, regardless of the type of grass that you are growing.

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